Vegan Recipe

I am a vegan and I cook a lot of vegan meals. This is one of my favorites when I don’t really know what to cook.

Spicy Chickpea Teriyaki

37777238_10204744879579927_4107156686907637760_nThis is a very easy recipe, 1 Can of Chickpeas drained and rinsed. 1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce, 1tbsp of szechuan sauce, 1 tbsp of raw sugar (optional), 2 cups cooked brown or white rice, 1 cup of salsa. You can always use more of the ingredients as needed. I usually add more of the teriyaki sauce and salsa. You can add more ingredients to your  taste of liking. Enjoy!



Travel Bucket List

One of my dreams was to travel the world but I never got the chance to. Maybe one day I can go somewhere amazing. I want to go to different places and learn different cultures and taste new food and learn a different language it has always been one of my dreams. I have listed below some places I would like to travel to.



I think hawaii is one of the beautiful places. It has always been a dream to go here. Its mountains and the beautiful water. Wow its just amazing, I wish I could go swimming or even learn how to go surfing.

Watching the Ball drop in Times square in New York


This has been one of my dreams since I was a little girl. I would watch the ball drop from New York on television. There are so many people so I know I could never achieve this because of my social anxiety. I would have to be really drunk to go here lol.

Take a train trip somewhere

train trip

Yes I would definitely like to take a trip on a train somewhere. I want to discover the world and just look at the scenery.  I just love trains, I have never been in one so this would be a great experience for me.

Walk through the Sagano  Bamboo Forest in Japan


My sign is Virgo which is an earth sign and I absolutely love nature and the outdoors. I don’t get out like I want due to my depression but I would love to go here. I could only imagine how being here would smell like. I would like to go here to take a long walk to do some workouts. The scenery is absolutely beautiful.

Go on an adventure to Paris Italy


I would love to travel to Paris Italy, I think its the most romantic place in the world. I know it will never happen because I think it will be too expensive. Just look at this picture it is so beautiful. I would like to travel one day and meet people and try all the good food there.


These are just to name a few, there are many more places I would love to visit. I want to learn different languages and eat different foods. It would be amazing just to accomplish one of my places on my travel bucket list.

Benefits of Green Tea

I have been drinking green tea for a very long time. I drink it every morning right before a workout. Green tea is very healthy It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. I have listed below many benefits of green tea

  • Builds Stamnia and immunity
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Tones muscles and skin
  • Elimates hangovers
  • Head aches
  • Cold and flu
  • Depression
  • weight loss
  • Brain function
  • Anxiety
  • Heart diseases


These are just a few of the benefits. I drink green tea because it helps me focus and it gives me energy to help me throughout the day. At the same time It helps me loose weight.

Date Ideas

tourist in paris at the arch du triomphe
Dating is very important sometimes you get busy or can’t go on an expensive date. I have listed below some cheap dates along with expensive or home dates. This is also good for the couples who need some ideas . I hope you enjoy . They are listed below.
  1. Have a indoor or outdoor picnic.
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Book a cruise and go on a wonderful cruise.
  4. Go to the library and check out books together.
  5. Get dressed and go out to eat together.
  6. Reenact your first date
  7. Go to the park and take a walk
  8. Go to the zoo
  9. Get a fishing licence and go fishing an crabbing together.
  10. cook together and drink a glass of wine.
  11. take a nap together yes i consider this as a date.
  12.  Go to a golf course together.
  13. Take a cooking class together.
  14. Go on a shopping date together.

Go to the mall and go shopping and go out to eat.


These are just a few listed I will post more in a later post. Thanks for taking your time to read my blog.

Ten things about me

There’s a lot of things that people don’t know about me so I have listed a few below. This is a fun way so you can get to know me better. I hope you enjoy reading this.


  • I have a bad habit of chewing on my nails.
  • I love spicy salsa on everything
  • I have a phobia of getting haircuts. ( blog is posted about that)
  • I was in modeling when I was a teenager.
  • I love to dress up in costume as someone else.
  • My passion is writing and photography.
  • I haven’t talked to my dad in almost a year.
  • I go through depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • I was raped when i was seventeen. (Blog about that coming soon)
  • I was never taught how to put on makeup.

Things I love about my boyfriend


Yes this is a mushy topic to talk about but I was like why not. There are a lot of things that I love about my boyfriend.  We dated twenty years in high school, and now twenty years later we are back together more in love than ever. We been together for about two years. We have our ups and downs but its going strong.

I love his smile, Just seeing his smile brings me a smile to my face. He makes me laugh everyday. I could be having a bad day or whatever and he can easily make me laugh until my stomach hurts. He is always there when I need him, He is a great listener. I could be vent to him about anything. He is also my best friend. He has always been there for me during the toughest times.

He has always supported me in everything I wanted  and has never judged me in any way. When I told him about starting a blog site he was very supportive and encouraged me and was so positive about it. It has been something I been wanting to do for a very long time. I was so happy because I have never had anyone do that for me.

He is very caring and understanding and puts me before himself. He has always had my back on no matter what it is. If I were to call him right now and I needed him I know he drop everything just to attend to whatever I needed. When my family shut me out he was right there to pick up the pieces. He told me if they didn’t want me in their life then it was there loss and that I did my part. He not only tells me that he loves me but he proves it to me.


My Bucket List

I have never had a bucket list, so I started one and I was like why not. Life is too short and you have to live it to the fullest. There are so many places I want to see and so many things I want to do. These are all the things I want to do before I die. I want to try new things and just go on a great adventure no matter where life will take me.

The Northern Lights

northern lights

I want to see the northern lights, they are just so beautiful and so vibrant. There are only a few places where you can see them from and Texas isn’t one of them.

Make New Friends

make new friends

I am not a very social person. I have trouble making friends, I don’t even have a handful of friends. So I would like to make new friends someone that I can connect with that can get on my level.


Have a Picnic



Thats right I have never had a picnic, My boyfriend said he will take me on one soon so I am waiting here patiently. I want to try different foods and just enjoy the outdoors, I love nature.


Kiss in the Rain


This has always been a dream of mine. Just a passionate wet kiss in the rain. So romantic I am sure this will happen for me very soon. I am not going to die without doing this first haha.


Achieve my goal weight


This is definitely a must. I am trying my hardest to get back at the weight I was before. I am now eating healthy food and working out everyday. Its so hard to keep up a routine but I manage to do it. Once I skip days its really hard to get back to it so I make sure I don’t miss too many days. I am going to get at my goal weight in the next few months.




HTB1uQ_NOVXXXXahaXXXq6xXFXXX5Art is one of my favorites it involves a lot of different art. Photography, Painting, Rock Painting etc. just to name a few. Art brings out the creative side of me. It helps me with depression and all of my anxieties. Not only does are have benefits but it helps you create something beautiful. Some people have an eye for design but even if your not good at art at least try your best. You will be surprised on what you created. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your art is horrible or ugly or anything like that. Anyone can create something beautiful.

I have several family members that have done different types of art. I like to paint scrapbook draw and etc. I guess I get my creativity from my grandma she loved to paint especially statues. As for my great grandma she used to work with ceramics and paint them. My mom does more of interior design along with painting. She also makes diaper cakes and fruit tables. There are so many different types of art. I will list a few.




burned log

This is one of my photography pictures. I used to live in the country and my family had some wood burning the previous day. I decided to go on a nature walk on the acres that we had. This is one my favorites , I love the darkness on this picture, black is one of my favorite colors. I really love taking pictures of textures. Also I love taking pictures of nature shots. You never know what you run into because there is beauty in everything. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can create anything and turn it into something beautiful. My advice to you is if your a photographer or thinking about doing photography take your camera everywhere because you never know what you will run into. Keep taking pictures of different things everyday.

Photography has  helped me cope through some of my toughest times. It helped me through my depression and at the same time it helped me create something beautiful. There was a time i had did a photo shoot of about fifteen people. It was my first big photo shoot of that many people. I was really nervous right before the photo shoot. The moment I got behind the camera my anxiety went away. I focused on my models and just started shooting and that’s the only place where I wanted to be.

Art Journal



Here are a few pages from my art Journal. The thing that I like about my art Journal is that you can make it any way that you want. Its your own creation so you make it your own. My art journal I write very little and I put more artsy stuff. This art Journal is all about me, Its the things that make it me. I never knew I was creative until I saw the outcome of it. Working on my art Journal is art therapy for me. It helps me with my emotional healing.

There are times when I don’t want to talk and I’m keeping things bottled up inside, well this helps take everything out on art. Its like I am in a whole new world. I love the feeling that I get. It makes me feel calm like as if my thoughts were all wiped out and I started new. If I was angry its like if nothing happened.  Its like if I have left the darkness and came into the light.



I don’t own the rights to this photo,  I haven’t completed a scrapbook yet. This is what a scrapbook looks like. It basically is like a photo album with a bunch of decorative pages. You can buy all the scrapbooking stuff at either hobby lobby or michaels craft store. There is so much you can do with it. The first thing is to choose what kind of scrapbook you are going to work on.

I would choose to make one for my boyfriend because he has always been there for me. So then I would get some photos printed out. I usually get my photos printed at Walgreens because they always send me discounts on my prints in my email. So if you haven’t already sign up at their website. Now just be creative add glitter stickers embellishments and etc. You should use your imagination and be creative and have fun. There is no right or wrong answer. You are the artist and this is your project, just do your best and have fun.



lady bug flower


I just love painting its my absolute favorite of all the artsy things to do. I just love the smell of the paint. I love all the bright colors. My favorite paints to use is acrylic. I don’t use anything else. I try to buy the cheapest brushes as for right now, later on I will buy something more expensive.   The painting above is absolutely beautiful, no I did not create it. Other artists give me motivation so I can create my own. I love looking at other artists artistic work. I always make sure I stock up on paints brushes and canvases because I never know when I am going to create something amazing.


Writing is one of my passions. I don’t always write when I should but I try to make time. A lot of the times I procrastinate because I get depressed and I just don’t want to do anything. I learned that actually writing helps me with my depression and anxieties. It helps me feel so much better by the time I’m done my depression or whatever has gone away.

I think the best time to write is in the morning. I start my day with some green tea to wake up and I start my writing routine. I write some Journaling and some quotes and even a self care book, sometimes poetry. That’s if I don’t forget and now I started blogging. After my writing routine I work out for about an hour to get the rest of my day going.

I don’t want to waste my mornings with other things when I can do that stuff at night. I take take my showers at night so I can focus on the more important things. If I get the most important things done first everything else will fall in place and I can have a productive day. I can’t do any writing if my house or my writing area is a mess. So I usually do my cleaning the night before so I can focus on my writing. If I cook something i make sure everything is tidy so i can write with a clear mind. I cant write if my desk is a mess I have to make sure it is organized.

Sleeping is very important because if I don’t get enough rest I am really bitchy lol. It will affect my writing so I make sure that I get enough rest and that I eat a good breakfast in the morning and drink green tea so I can focus properly in the morning, so it wont affect my writing. Music also helps me concentrate with my writing. I’m not talking about no rock music or anything hardcore like that. I’m talking about either some country or classical music something more calming for the soul.

I prefer typing over writing in a notebook because for me it is much easier. Also when I write no matter what form it is the words seem to just flow. I am really good at writing I know I can improve. How do you improve? Practice makes perfect right, So that’t what you have to do. You have to constantly write daily to get better at it. I sometimes say that I will do it tomorrow but guess what tomorrow never comes. So these are the words that help me do what I have to do “Its either now or never”.

When you write you don’t just write some crappy article or whatever your working on. You need to put your heart in it and it has to be something that your interested in. If your not enjoying what your writing you just won’t be into it. You have to have heart in it and you do your best on whatever your working on. Also if possible do more than your best also check your grammar and spelling. I can’t stress that enough. If you are a writing this becomes a habit.

Not everyone has a creative side of writing but If you try and it doesn’t work out there is always something else out there for you. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. My Strength happens to be writing, I have been writing for about 20 years now. I have never put any of writing public this is the first time. My writing has always been private, I thought it was time to something with my work.

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